Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let the games begin...

Like playing games? Love getting free stuff? Well, I have got a game for you!  Watch the book trailer for Revelation. Here's how it works. In the Trailer, there is an answer to the biggest question asked in Chaos Unleashed. So, watch the trailer, find the answer, post the "answer" and the "question" it answers in the comments section of this post! There are 3 free copies of Revelation to be given away for the first three people to get the correct answer and question.  When you submit your comment, be sure to leave your email, so that I can inform you if you are the winner and send you your copy of the book.  It's that easy!  

Also, only 4 days left in 10.oo Amazon gift card giveaway.  Become a follower and your entered to win!  I will post the winner on September 30th, so stay tuned!


  1. Who will be left standing I think is the question and the answer I think is Jesus is (coming soon)

  2. Love the comment but in this instance, that is incorrect. I'm sorry.

  3. Who will be left standing when the magic clears, and I'm not sure so maybe God?