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Coming July 22, 2016

Secrets in the Garden
The Pedalstem Lillies Series #2

Discovering the truth shatters all the deception. 

Demarko is about to explode. Too many times he watched her suffer at that man’s hands. Too many times he wanted to save her. Too many times he dreamed of whisking her safely away. 
On the night of the festival, the entire kingdom stood witness as he reached his tipping point. His love for her igniting his rage, he made his move. All of Pedalstem watched as he tried, and failed, to defend not only her honor and station, but her, the woman he knew owned his heart. His grand gesture backfired making things so much worse for her. He couldn’t take it any longer.
 Storming from the castle, in search of blowing off steam, he found more than he could have ever bargained for. 
As he entered the garden, wishing for a way to save them both, he stumbled onto the truth. A truth, he knew, not everyone would survive to ask forgiveness for.

 Dreams in the Mist
The Pedalstem Lillie Series #1

Her heart is tangled in fantasy while her body is trapped in a dangerous reality. 

During the day, Blaze struggles to perform a role she doesn’t remember. With mounting pressure from King Deverox, she tries and fails to recall a life they share, a royal affair he pushes to regain but her lost memories cause a spiral of events that ripple through the entire kingdom of Pedalstem. 

In the depths of sleep, within the bliss of her dreams lies a life she not only desperately craves but clings to. A tale of pure love and devotion coupled with the soft caress from a man that sends her body into the lightning storm of ecstasy and pleasure. These trysts among the mist are her only reprieve from the daily reminder of a reality that is sucking the life right out of her.

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