I write poetry too...Who knew

So far, this is all I have, but I am surprised I have that.  I have never considered myself to be a huge fan of poetry. However, I do love me some Poe (Edgar Allen Poe) for anyone who doesn't know who I am talking about. I'm not even sure they still teach it school.  Either way here they are in all there not so glittering glamourous glory, I hope you enjoy them. and hey thanx, for checking it out.

Phoenix's Ashes

Charring until I'm ash and bone
Encased in an inferno I don't own
Cast upon me against my will
They keep the fire burning still
Accused of things they think they've spied
Rumors of things I've never tried
Never taking time to investigate
Continuing the spew the lies I hate
The rumor mill just keeps on spinning
Fanning the flames to keep them burning
They all believe the jury's in
It is yet to see who'll win
Charring until I'm ash and bone
Encased in an inferno I don't own
As I rise up out of ash
I tell the hoard to kiss my ass!

          ~ AmBear Shellea

The Morris Anniversary Poem

Love and laughs
Smiles and Sass
Helps the marriage flow

But patience and passion
Sex in every fashion
makes your union grow

Kids and cares
and everyday wares
Adds nutrients to your tree

But the success and failure
and overall behavior
Depends on who you're willing to be
         ~ AmBear Shellea

The Davis Wedding

It's the beginning of me and you
As we start our life anew
Friends and family gather near
And witness the vows pledged here
Upon each face, smiles and tears
As we promise the forever years
Face to face and holding hands
We patiently await the priest's demands
Rings in place, we say I do
Now no longer just me or you
Mr. & Mrs. Davis, that is we
And perhaps one day we'll make a 3

           ~AmBear Shellea

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