The People of Pedalstem

The leading Lady in this tale, with dazzling Emerald eyes, Fiery red hair and a fiesty attitude to match. Something strange has transpired and her memories have vanished. No reason and no cure in sight. She hopes that one day they will return, and she can answer so many of the unsettling questions rattling around in her mind. The most haunting question, was it indeed a freak accident or something sinister?

The tanned skinned, handsome stable hand with bright Topaz eyes, soft chocolate brown hair who is funny, witty and ruggedly handosme. For him, his heart only has room for two things; the outdoors and his queen. Both offer him beauty and serenity. In his mind, being able to recall his memories would unlock more than just who he is. Is he really just a stablehand?


Slaine Deverox
Dark hair, light skin and eyes rimmed in fire, he is used to getting exactly what he wants by any means necessary. At this very moment, he wants his power, his kingdom, and her. One man stands in his way, and there is only one solution: Action! Violent action intertwined with murderous manipulation that is urged by his beloved brother.

Deklan Deverox
Eyes as dark as any void encased in liquid silver, matching his sinsiter sickly skin tone, and everyone knows just by the sheer look of him, he is dark and dangerous. Brother to the king, he is well aware of the fact he can have anyone and thing he fancies, and there are many things he desires. What is it he desires most? Love, admiration or power? Only he knows the answer to that question.