Tuesday, June 26, 2012

34 Days until release day!  Yea!  In honor of that, I have comprised another small overview.
Chaos Unleashed has love, sex, magic, and power. Oh, and romance too.  All the major players in a good book. It is a rollercoatster ride of emotions. It begins with a high speed, who are they, and why are after me, scene. Confusion and uncertainty take the forefront, as Blaze works at trying to put the puzzle pieces of her life together, after her memories have been stolen. And how does one steal your memories?  Good question!  In her adventure for the answers, many more questions arise. Such as, who is this handsome stranger whose touch blazes my skin with heat and electrcity?  And spawns statements such as:  He looks as if he has been plucked from the darkest voids in Hell and dropped into our world to wreak havoc on innocent souls.

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